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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the privacy policy?

Crewlogbook does not share flight records or pilots information with any third party.

Where is my activation code!

Sometimes your email may think the activation code is spam or junk mail. Check your spam or junkmail folders in your mail - it's probably in there if you don't see it in your inbox. Activation codes are sent out by a computer not a person so there is no delay... You should receive it within 2 minutes or less after you register. Sometimes activation codes bounce back because people type in their email address wrong. Make sure you type your email address correctly.

What if I forgot my password?

Contact us with the feedback form and we will help you reset your password. It may take a day or two for a response because it is a human responding.

How do I enter in totals for previous years?

To enter summary information for a previous year or years create a single entry in your logbook with the sum of all the hours you want to record. When you create a report this summary entry will be counted towards your total time. Some pilots wish to record previous flight time as a single entry for all previous years, and some pilots wish to break it down per individual year for more detailed reporting. Some pilots wish to break it down by aircraft so you can see a further breakdown of number of hours per year per aircraft. If you are creating an entry per year make sure the record for that flight is recorded in the year in which it occurs.

Why does my total time not add up correctly?

If you record you flight hours with minute precision JAA style (1:32) instead of FAA style (1.5) this is more accurate down to the nearest minute. FAA style (1.5) rounds to the nearest 1/10th of an hour or 6 minute increments. Internally crewlogbook records time based on minutes instead of tenths of an hour (0.1) precision. If you record a flight as 1.5 it will convert it to 1:30 internally. As long as you stick to one method it will be consistent. If you start recording flights down to the nearest minute then you choose FAA style which rounds to the nearest 6 minutes for reporting a flight recorded as 1:32 will show up as 1.5 in the report and 0:02 minutes of information will be lost. As long as you stick to one method it will be consistent. If you record flights using one method then switch to another method for reporting the totals may not add up because of the way the time is rounded.

The Calendar doesn't work!

The calendar uses a datepicker control which uses javascript. Make sure you have javascript turned on in your browser and there aren't any popup blockers or anything blocking it. Try these datepicker demos and if it doesn't work try a different browser.

How do I add a user defined airport?

Goto utilities -> airport browser and there is a link at the bottom of the page to add your own airport.